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Today, the company is hoping it can get lightning to strike a second time around, with its latest creation: the TAKTIK, a premium case for.

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From the makers of the LUNATIK iPod nano watch strap that helped kickstart Kickstarter onto our radar, it shares the same premium design and materials -- just at much bigger scale.Was set a difficult task: to make a very strong case that protects the device even with the most extreme situations, but that has a stylish design and reasonable size.

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Designed to offer solid protection for surviving extreme shock and drop, Lunatik Taktik rugged iPhone case a 9mm impact truss around the edgers to protect your iPhone from dust as well as.Made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the bands were a hit.

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It features a front plate of Gorilla Glass, waterproof encasing, and anodizedaluminumport coverings.The TAKTIK is a well-designed, rough, rugged protective case designed for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.From the look of it, this thing could probably smash some heads, too.

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Need some extra peace of mind for your mobile device with your extreme lifestyle.

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Outer shell is made from super-lite aircraft grade aluminium, which is exceptionally strong.

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Apart from amazingly cool design this iPhone case is tough, durable and rugged.

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The plugs on the Taktik Extreme are water and dust resistant, providing weather protection.In fact, as you assemble the case, you will be continually reassured that your phone will indeed be safe.Avail of its discount by getting lunatik discount code in the link provided below.

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Taktik offers a permanent placement service in order for you to quickly find and hire the employee you are looking for.Starting from a Kickstarter project, Lunatik became a well known iPhone case company.LUNATIK TAKTIK iPhone case is designed by Chicago based design studio Minimal Inc.I have a Mophie on the way and would like to pull this LUNATIK Taktik iphone 5C case off. - PR12417106.LUNATIK iPhone X Case provides ultimate drop protection with a extra layer of anti-impact gorilla glass lens.TAKTIK EXTREME TAKTIK EXTREME for iPhone 5 offers the highest level of overall protection in our TAKTIK Series.Lifeproof then began offering waterproof cases for smartphones and tablets.

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