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This Everglades airboat tour is located a bit further out from Miami than the rest, but it is a highly rated experience, even if it does only last 45 minutes on average.

The experience is supplemented with music and stories for people speaking English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

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Everglades National Park protects an unparalleled landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like the manatee, American crocodile, and the elusive Florida panther.

The drive from Miami Beach to our Miami meeting location is approximately 25 miles and a 40 to 55 minutes (depending on traffic).

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The geography of the area is typical of a tropical river delta running slowly through a low-lying basin near sea level.

Everglades Tours from Miami 1,678 Reviews As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve, and Wetland of International Importance—only a few places on earth make all three lists—the Florida Everglades are a must-do in southern Florida.

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Look for American alligators inside the Gator Park, one of a select few facilities operating inside the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.An Everglades Safari Park showcases the local wildlife and Miami is the nearest city.

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Everglades Airboat Rides When people think of the Florida Everglades, often they picture adventurers zooming through the swampy waters on an airboat.Located in sunny south Florida just outside of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, our South Florida alligator park is a top attraction for locals and visitors alike.

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As a result, every journey through the Everglades offers a different experience for visitors.

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Our experts have personally selected the best Miami shore excursions.Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed into the Florida Everglades on December 29, 1972, setting off a scrambled of reporters and rescuers in one of the biggest tragedies Miami has seen.

Experience an extraordinary wildlife in pristine nature show on an airboat ride in the heart of Everglades National Park.

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Gator Nights tours are offered on Wednesday and Saturday nights, tour meets at 8 p.m. and departs at 8:30 p.m. Advance reservations are required.The Everglades and Miami Adventure Tour Take a South Florida detour during your Orlando vacation for an adventurous trip to the Everglades and Miami.

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Call us for personalized service and a wide range of Caribbean shore excursions.How far is the Everglades River of Grass meeting location from Miami Beach.The Shark Valley area is home to a diverse number of animals and plants.The various species change with the seasons and water levels throughout the year.

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